TrackR Pixel

November 26, 2017

Want to get a few of this things for ages because I have problem look up things everyday. Finally I found it selling on HKTVmall and I purchased one for testing immediately.

TrackR is a tiny device attach to your things so that you can keep track the location of the device with your mobile phone. The core functionalities:

1. The mobile app can ring the device and vice versa.
2. Separation alerts when the device is away from the mobile phone.

The setup is very easy, just download and run the trackr app, it will prompt for setup, press the clear button on pixel to pair and it is done already.

The thing use bluetooth, not GPS. So it can reach your device only when it is within bluetooth range. Don’t expect it can catch the thief which stolen your wallet or even a lost pet.

It have crowd locate feature which somehow increase the chance of being found, only if other trackr user around your trackr token. So the usefulness of this feature really depends on whether TrackR is popular in your area or not.

In order to test the crowd locate feature, I turned off the bluetooth on my mobile. I suppose the TrackR app cannot locate the token and hopefully it will report the location of my token by the crowd locate feature. However, I received no notification at all. Not sure if it is due to no TrackR user around me (plus, within the bluetooth range!) or what. If your use case rely on crowd locate feature… I wish you luck. Guess it is just a nice-to-have feature only.

Pros     Cons
1. Tiny
2. Easy Setup
3. Can really help when you are in a rush look up things
1. Missing GPS feature
2. Pricey. ($200 HKD for a single token -_-;) Definitely over-priced.

This thing is quite useful especially when I’m in a rush leaving but never able to look up key, wallet, iphone and stuffs. I will want a lots of these but for such the price tag, I cannot afford the amount that I needed.

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