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TP-LINK TL-PA4010 Kit [ HomePlug | Powerline ] 500mbps

July 8, 2017

I want to relocate the ipcam. The new location does not have any LAN port. The IPCam does not support 802.11x so it can’t connect my wifi.

I guess I’ll need HomePlug to fix this. I had really bad experience with AZTech HomePlug a decade ago. It never worked. And it died another month later. And it was expensive. It was that AZTech devices that avoid me using HomePlug for soo loooooong.

And now, almost ten years later, I want to give HomePlug a try again. And the price of the top model (like gigabit model) is still as expensive as the first HomePlug that I bought. I think I don’t need the gigabit speed right now. The cheapest model should be more than enough.

So I purchased the TL-PA4010 kit, for the reasons below

1. It is cheap. Because of its limited supported speed (500mbps).
2. The size of the adapter is tiny.
3. It is cheap, again.

The bad

1. It consumed one socket.

The installation goes well. Just plug and play. Although the installation guide does not recommended to plug the thing into a power bar, but it stills working well here. I plug both of the adapter to power bar and it works just fine.

I connect one adapter to the gigabit hub, and connect the other one to the linksys wrt54g router with tomato legacy firmware. Now I can relocate the ipcam and have the ipcam connect to the good old stable linksys wrt54g with a lan cable. (I have wireless turn off and have wrt54g act like a switch).

The TL-PA4010 kit is stable so far. No complain, yet.

Update Nov 26, 2017

Been using this for an IP Cam for 4 months. The IP Cam constantly capture image and ftp to my NAS per a few seconds. So it have constant traffic generated 24×7. Never crashed once. I consider this thing stable for low and medium traffic. Never performed a stress test though.

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