Sunset HP N54L

May 14, 2015

The idea I purchased HP N54L isto migrate some 24-7 services like openvpn, radius, openldap, squid proxy from NAS to the VM on N54L.

After one or two months I decided to sunset the N54L and have the services back running on NAS.


It is now summer!

The N54L constantly shutdown to protect itself whenover overheat is detected. Man I don’t want my air-con to be up 24-7 just for the N54L.

Synology NAS do pretty good job operating itself 24-7 years and years.

I needed those services up running 24-7. Sorry, N54L, I through you are a designed as a server and capable to run 24-7 with linux. But you are not.

Maybe I will have it up again when I got some spare time to attach some cooling fans later. I will just sunset it right now until I found anything non critical could be run on that box.

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