Sony LSPX-P1 Projector

Sony LSPX-P1


Got a new toy for my daughter.

The Sony LSPX-P1 ($7999HKD) can project clear image within very short distance. Which is great for small room in this mini city.

I was agreed to install a TV in her room. Things are very easy moving in but when it die, it is hard to move things out.

So instead of a big TV, I decided to get a projector instead. This does not just saving space, but LSPX-P1 is mobile enough to project image everywhere.

It comes with a wireless hub which connected to any device with HDMI-out. The wireless hub also have its own HDMI-out as passthrough.

The hub connects to the projector automatically, nothing to setup. So the projector plays Bluray instantly.

Here are some pros and cons I figured out so far


– Really saving space, can project anywhere in a tiny house
– Very easy setup
– Got a Sony Portable Clock Radio with Bluetooth (SRF-V1BT) as free gift for early purchase LSPX-P1. Worth like 1280HKD.
– Got 500HKD e-coupon for Sony online store.


– The Sony mobile app only allow displaying selected photo to be cast on the projector. I expected it can cast the whole screen of the mobile devices though, something like Chromecast… but it wasn’t. Luckily, when connected the projector to the wireless network, my Windows 10 PC can cast video to LSPXP1. So you need a PC to cast video content. I also figured out that any mobile app which support miracast can cast phone/video local content to LSPX-P1 as well.

– LSPX-P1 do not support 802.11x with certificate authentication. My current wifi only support certificate authentication (by freeradius server on raspiberry pi). That mean I need to setup a spare WiFi to run WPA2 pre-share key for these devices. This make my WiFi network not as secure as it should be. I hate running two WiFi. I consider certificate authentication is more secure than pre-shared key.

Sony LSPX-P1 on desk

Doing homework no longer a boring task. Playing youtube on your desk.

It is a bit expensive, but still a good buy. If and only if it can last one to two years… My experience with Sony’s product wasn’t good, Sony’s thing used to die immediately when warranty ended.

My daughter is very excited, so far. Because she finally can watch her favorite cartoon in her room and the screen can be as big as you needed.

Update 2016-11-12

I happened to remember I have an old Chromecast which never use. I connect the Chromecast to the HDMI-IN of the wireless hub and finally I can cast from my mobile devices. The Chromecast is finally useful to me.

Update 2017-02-04

I give up chromecast. I am using Apple TV instead. I recently got an Apple TV 4th gen for free from a bank. I connect the hub to the Apple TV and it works great. I use DS Video and DS photo to browse my content on LSPX-P1. But non of my mkv video playing. I need to encode all video from mkv to mp4 to have it play on Apple TV. It is fine. My Dell PC is 24×7 anyway, and it is always idle. Finally some tasks for the PC. But this double the storage (one set of mkv, another set of m4v for apple tv). Hard disk is cheap anyway. Might want to upgrade to 4-Bay NAS soon.


LSPX-P1 is a great device which allows you cast anything within your home network from the content of any device with HDMI out, Miracast compatible mobile app, Apple TV, Chromecast device, Windows 10 PC and etc. The size of the device also make it mobile enough to allow you cast anything to anywhere in your home. My daughter just loved it.

2 thoughts on “Sony LSPX-P1

  1. Mark Sunday

    I like the concept of something small and attractive, and realize it isn’t intended to be a home theater projector. Too bad Sony only offers this and the U$50,000 4K home theater version. I’d like one larger and brighter with integrated Blu-Ray player.


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