Setup PS Vita [PCH-2006] to PS4 remote play through 4G mobile tethering

July 27, 2014

Spent couple days on this, the information from Sony is totally wrong. Sony page only mentioned to do port forwarding on udp port 9304 but it is wrong, a few more ports are acutally required.

Here find my working setting.

Router Port Forwarding

If your PS4 is behind a router, noted, I mean router, not the DSL modem, then you need to setup port forwarding. If your PS4 connect directly to the DSL modem, no port forwarding ever needed.

– TCP port 9295
– UDP port 9296, 9297, 9304

For Linksys Router

TCP Port #1
External Port: 9295
Internal Port: 9295
Protocol: TCP
To IPv4 address:
Enabled: checked

Port Forward Rule #1 for Remote Play

UDP Port #1
External Port: 9296
Internal Port: 9296
Protocol: UDP
To IPv4 address:
Enabled: checked

UDP Port #2

External Port: 9297
Internal Port: 9297
Protocol: UDP
To IPv4 address:
Enabled: checked

UDP Port #3
External Port: 9304
Internal Port: 9304
Protocol: UDP
To IPv4 address:
Enabled: checked

UDP Ports Required for PS4 Remote Play

That’s it. Make sure your PS4 have a static IP.

PS4 Setting

  1. Make sure PS4 network connection ok

    PS4 Network Connection Status

  2. Go to Remote Play Connection Settings, make sure the checkbox of following is checked.
    • Enable Remote Play
    • Connect Directly with PlayStation Vita System

    PS4 Remote Play Setting

  3. Click Add Device, a 8 digits number will be shown.

PS Vita Setting

  1. Goto PS4 Link
  2. Do NOT click Remote Play, click the ‘‘ button in lower right instead, then click Settings.

    PS Vita Remote Play Setting

  3. Click Change PS4 System to Connect to for Remote Play

    Change PS4 System to Connect to for Remote Play

  4. It will start searching from Internet. Since we do not setup yet, just click Skip button. Once we finished our setup, next time the search screen here will connect you to your PS4.

    Skip not connecting from Vita to PS4

  5. Input the eight digits code shown from the TV to your PS vita. Click Register button.

    Registering PS Vita to PS4

  6. It will connect you to the PS4 and the screen of PS4 will be shown!
  7. For subsequence connection, do not click the skip button and just have vita to search for your PS4 because your device already registered to your PS4 system. No longer need to enter the 8 digits code for every connection.

Most of the forum discussion did not mentioned port 9304. Without UDP port 9304, your vita will wake up the PS4 from standby mode, but the PS4 will stay at the blue welcome screen and your vita will not able to begin the registration process and will keep searching from the Internet.

Good luck.

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