Root Samsung S4 mini [i9190]

August 11, 2013

Been looking for rootkit for my new s4 mini for couple weeks.

And now the root is finally ready from

The original link is here

I’ve some enhancement though, I create a new account and try to reply the post but no luck. Forum administrator do not want new account to contribute / feedback at all.

Think I have to comment at my own blog then.

Here is my steps.

  1. The first thing prior rooting the device is always backing up. If your phone already have a 64GB sdcard, either replace it with a smaller card like 32GB or format your 64GB as 32GB first. The version of the clockworkmod provided by the xda-developers post does not able to mount a 64GB sdcard. You need a smaller sdcard so that you can use clockworkmod to backup your device before the root.If your external sdcard already smaller than 64GB, just skip this step.
  2. To play safe, make sure your phone battery level not under 80%.
  3. After replace the 64GB sdcard, copy the “” to your device’s internal SD card. DO NOT copy to your external 32GB or whatever GB sdcard. It won’t work that way.
  4. Not sure if this step is a must, but I did that for all devices whenever I’m rooting any phone. Go to Settings, click about device

    then scroll down to the “Build Number.” Tap on the “Build Number” five times

    and you should see a toast notification pop up saying “Developer mode has been enabled.” Back out of the About Device menu and you’ll see Developer Options appear above the ‘About device’. Now click ‘Developer Options’, click to enable ‘USB debugging’ on the ‘Debugging’ section.

  5. * Unplug any usb cable and turn off the phone. Make sure no usb cable connected to the phone.
  6. Press and hold home, volume down and power. Following screen will appears.
  7. Now connect the USB cable, and press volume up. Following screen will appears.
  8. Start Odin, uncheck “F. Reset Time”, and then click AP button.
    Select “recovery-clockwork-” file that you previously extracted, and press Start button. The phone will reboot when finished.Using Odin to boot the i9190 to clockworkmod recovery.
  9. After the phone restarted, IMMEDIATELY hold volume up and home buttons to boot into recovery mode. If this steps failed, repeat the step marked with an ‘*’ until this step success.
  10. Under the clockworkmod recovery, use volumn up and down to navigate the options, press power button to back to upper menu. Press the home key to select an option.Press volumn down to highlight ‘backup and restore’,

    press home key to confirm. Now at the second menu, press volumn down to highlight ‘backup to external sdcard’.

    Wait until the backup process finished.

    Press power button to back to the first menu.

  11. Select the option ‘install zip’,

    then ‘choose zip from sdcard’,

    select ‘0’,

    then navigate the and press home key to confirm. Once completed, press power key to back to the first menu. Highlight ‘reboot system now’.

    Depends on whether you want clockworkmod recovery stay on your phone, highlight ‘Yes’ if you prefer to have clockworkmod stay, or highlight any ‘No’ and press home key to reboot.

    My option is ‘No’ because it is not a must to have the phone stay rooted. Just want to keep the minimal changes to the phone. I can always use odin to boot the phone to clockworkmod recovery when I need to.

  12. Launch the play store, download ‘Root Browser’,

    launch it and delete (or rename it as backup) the following files from /system/app/ folder

    – KNOXAgent.apk

    – KNOXStore.apk

    – ContainerAgent.apk

If you have a 64GB sdcard, you can now insert it back to your device 🙂

Edit Aug 11 2013.

I don’t like the superuser app that bundled by the rootkit, I prefer SuperSU instead. If you also prefer SuperSU, refer to my next guide to replace it.

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