Root Nexus 5

April 27, 2014

Unlock boot loader

If your phone already have this unlocked, skip this section.

  1. Install Android SDK and USB Driver
  2. Enable USB Debugging Mode. Goto Setting > System > About phone > Keep clicking the Build number until developer mode is unlocked.
  3. Go to Settings > Developer options, check the USB debugging.
  4. Before continue, make sure the phone have 80% battery charge.
  5. Switch off the phone
  6. Hold Volume Up, Volume Down, then press Power. Hold the three buttons for a few seconds until the green robot came out. This boot the phone to bootloader mode.
  7. Connect the USB cable.
  8. The step below unlock the bootloader. Unlocking the bootloader will ERASE ALL DATA and restore the phone to factory state. Backup your data first before continue.

    Open a command prompt, input the command below (change the username in the path)

    C:\> cd c:\Users\ray\android-sdks\platform-tools

  9. C:\Users\ray\android-sdks\platform-tools>fastboot oem unlock

  10. Use volume key up and down and select yes, press Power to confirm.
  11. Once the line “LOCK STATE – unlocked” shown in red, type the command below to restart the phone

    C:\Users\ray\android-sdks\platform-tools\fastboot reboot

  12. If phone does not reboot, long press the Power button. Wait until the phone reboot.

Root the phone

  1. Boot the phone to bootloader mode again. (Switch off the phone, holding volume up, down and power button). Make sure the USB cable is still connected.
  2. Download CF-Auto-Root, and then unzip it.
  3. Use the command prompt and execute the command below


  4. The CF-Auto-Root only install the SuperSU binary and APK to the phone, nothing else. Safe and clean. You still have the stock recovery, should not affected future OTA.

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