Receive IFTTT push notification when HUE motion battery low

January 12, 2018

Just figure out HUE motion battery level can be one of the condition in homekit rules. That mean I should be able to trigger something when battery level dropped to some percentage. A push notification will be nice to notify me to replace the battery at about 10% or even 5%.


  1. homebridge installed on pi
  2. IFTTT app and account

Configure IFTTT Webhooks

  1. Install IFTTT to the phone about to receive the push notification. Register an IFTTT account.
  2. Login to IFTTT web.
  3. Click Search, enter Webhooks. Click the Webhooks service from search result.

  4. Click the big Connect button.

  5. Click the Settings button.

  6. Text highlighted in red is the API key. Copy it somewhere, will need to paste to the homebridge config.json next step.

Configure homebridge

  1. login to pi
  2. # sudo su
  3. # npm install -g homebridge-notification
  4. # edit config.json, add the following accessory

                    "accessory": "Notification",
                    "name": "HUE motion battery LOW",
                    "ifttt_api_key": "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuv",
                    "ifttt_event": "hue_motion_battery_low",
                    "ifttt_message": "HUE motion battery low",
                    "ifttt_mute_notification_interval_in_sec": 60

  5. # /etc/init.d/homebridge restart

Configure IFTTT app

  1. Launch IFTTT app.
  2. Click My Applets.
  3. Click the plus + icon.
  4. Click this.
  5. Search webhooks. Click webhooks from result.
  6. Click Receive a web request button.
  7. Enter hue_motion_battery_low as Event Name. Click Next.
  8. Click that.
  9. Search Notifications.Click Notifications from result.
  10. Click Send a notification from the IFTTT app button.
    Modify the text of the notification you wish to receive.

    e.g. Hue motion battery is low. Need replacement.

    Click Next.

  11. Click Finish.


I found that the IFTTT api key keep changing somehow. Not sure if this will break things. Need further study a bit on this.

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