Raspberry Pi 7 inch touch screen display

April 11, 2016


Warning – 2016-04-17
Do NOT run your 7 inch touch screen on pi which have 4dpi driver installed. If you run the 7 inch touch screen you will probably need to turn the backlight on and off. This need to run rpi-update on your pi. If you previously have 4dpi driver installed, it will crash the pi.

My Raspberry Pi 7 inch touchscreen display finally delivered to me today -_-; waited like a month.

During the waiting period, I rewrite my previous message app written by pygame with Kivy and it worked great. Now I have a simple and stable kiosk for my daughter to use.

Here are the functions so far.

TV Control
– Play Anpanman cartoon stored on NAS
– Play Another japanese cartoon stored on NAS
– Skip to Next Chapter
– Skip to Previous Chapter

Lighting Control
– Turn all light on/off
– Switch color of all light
– Turn light on/off for specific room
– Switch color of specific room

Messaging App
– Record a message and photo and push to my Android app. This is how my daughter make her purchase order request every day -_-;
– Display photo uploaded by Android App
– Play voice message uploaded by Android App

Air Conditioner Control
– Turn the Air Conditioner on/off

Screen Saver
– Turn off the backlight for inactivity after 5 minutes to save the life of Raspberry Pi 7″ touch screen

Demo on youtube

To turn off terminal screen saver

Edit /boot/cmdline.txt , append following line to the end of the file.


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