PS4 – WATCH_DOG – not recommended

July 25, 2014

Needless to say, this is a great game.

I just can’t stop playing.

1. Graphic is great, I feel like I’m living in the city.
2. Control is good.
3. Online activities invitation or even hacked by other player from time to time.
4. Game play is a bit easy. Side mission is a lot harder than the core mission though.

Something need to improve

1. No jump function… so used to be jumpable for 3d game…
2. Too addictive…
3. Since the game is too realistic, I do expected I can interact with the citizen like most of the RPG does. In this game you can only hack peoples electronic device. Maybe hacker really need to alone in the dark…

Patch 1.0.3 2014-08-23

The recent patch make online hacking suck. It original want to punlish player who frequently disconnect when they are about to lose. But see what it did

  1. I started hacking other player.
  2. I hide well and the player can not find me.
  3. The player don’t feel good losing and disconnect himself/herself.
  4. I got punished by losing 200 points, yes, 200 points!
  5. The player who actually disconnecting have no punishment by disconnecting.

I have no idea why the dev team decided punish the player who started the game, regardless whom actually disconnecting.


Online hacking is what keep me playing. With adjustment like that, I no longer play the game anymore. Thanks for the stupid patch.

That’s SUCK.

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