PS4 Tomb Raider

April 5, 2014

Didn’t pay much attention on this game until one day I was matching some dude playing it through live gaming stream. Can’t believe how a girl move between area (上天下海), fighting all the enemy, saving her teammeate.

This game did not disappointed me. Graphic is great, control is fine, storyline is attractive, keep me playing non stop. Not much choice on weapon (this is realistic, how many weapon will you expected on an isolated island?) but I tend to play with lower level weapon so not an issue for me. The number of bullet is somehow limited, you got to play well and not wasting any one of them. Been remembered some area I ran out of bullet but got a team of enemy need to kill in order to move forward (not sure if this is being designed), I need to figure out the strategy based on the environment, tried to gathered the enemy team at some spot and kill them all at once by shooting at the explosive gas near them.

Really liked lora in this version, just perfect.

The gameplay is too short however. Finished the game with two nights after work…. but still very enjoyable.

I actually prefer short game, like wii’s game. Getting addicted like MMORPG is not a good thing.

Sure will start over and play again when I have some spare time to kill.

Didn’t try multilayer mode yet, maybe later.

Worth the price.

Highly recommended.

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