PS4 Assassin Creeds IV Black Flag

April 5, 2014

Liked this game. I actually feel like I’m a pirate. Enjoyed killing around on all the island. Fun.

All the missions were reasonable to get it done, not that hard, allowing me to keep follow the story line.

Playable time is reasonable, not short, not really long. Worth the price. Graphic is good, control is fine. Whenever I”m bored I’ll start this game and get someone killed 🙂

Liked the combat system. Enjoy the “boat” hunting as well.

Even those four legendary ships (actually five) were not hard to finish as long as you spent some time to hunt the top gear then you are good to go hunting them.

Even though it is not hard doesn’t mean the game is easy. If you don’t play it good you’ll very easily getting killed. Crowd control is quite important in the game.

Highly recommended.

My video on those legendary ships

El Impoluto

HMS Prince

HMS Fearless and Royal Sovereign

How I get 7 enemy kill streak

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