PS Vita PCH-2006

July 25, 2014

Just bought one for the remote play.

Recently we have a new maid to help on some housework. We have no room for her so she have to sleep in living room. I feel sorry for her, but this is Hong Kong. Not much family can afford a separate room for a maid.

This however, bugging me. We have to back room quite early for the maid to get rest. But I still want to continue my hacking story with Watch_dogs.

So I purchased a PS Vita so that I can play my PS4 in bedroom.

I’m not satisfy with the Vita. Got quite a lots of complaint.

  1. Comparing with my old PSP, the button are way smaller which is hard for me to press the correct button.
  2. I really hate the sensible touch area in the back. It really a poor idea at all. When I want to trigger something, it never success. When I’m not going to trigger anything, something was triggered for some reason, maybe a bit touch happened that I’m not aware, and get myself killed… Just really hard to control well. Don’t tell me I’m suck controlling thing, my first console is a red-white nintendo.
  3. Also it don’t play my hard copy of previous PSP game, that’s suck. Really suck. And then the battery is not replaceable….#$@#$@#
  4. The remote play with wi-fi suck. The wifi signal are way too weak. I can hardly play the game in bedroom.
  5. Still no luck setup remote play through Internet. I suppose just to do some port-forwarding, but no luck still.
  6. It do not support 802.11x… it is the only device that don’t do 802.11x… damn it. Both of my wifi router were setup as 802.11x using dual authentication (both ssl certificate and ldap authentication) to maximize wifi security. Tried activating the guess network, initially it works, but now it don’t work. It is also trouble enough to input the lengthy password from the web browser just for gaining Internet access. No idea why. I don’t want to downgrade my 802.11x mode back to old fashioned WPA mode. I don’t want to install the third wifi router….

I still love my old PSP. Hope I can have my money back, shit this is Hong Kong.

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