PlayStation VR

February 6, 2017

Finally able to get one with original price, purchased from Log-ON. Seller on yahoo auction is selling it with rather high price.

Also got myself the VR worlds disc.

VR is nice. But really, you need to take rest for every 15 minutes for the sake of the health of your eyes. You are just watching things really really close to your eyes.

The mini games of VR worlds are nice, but rather too short. I love the VR playroom though. You really feeling you are presence inside the game.

None of the game from the demo disc interested me. Lol.

– Really really big screen for non VR mode.
– VR game is just a great experience never have before
– You can still wear glasses

– Too many wires… The VR devices need wires connected to the hub at all time
– The hub itself need external power, consume one more socket.
– Resolution is rather low
– It is new and lack of killer VR game yet. Maybe BioHazard 7 is, I’m not sure.
– Really hurting eyes. Avoid this for kids.
– Have movement sickness inside some game
– Too hard to get one in original price here
– Not really comfortable with glasses
– Can’t get the VR mode working for rise of tomb raider.
– You can’t aware what is happening in real world near you

Anyway it worth have one home and wait for some killer game. I’m not selling it.

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