Pidan Litter Scoop with holder and cat bowl

December 1, 2017

I purchased Pidan’s cat bowl and the litter scoop from hktvmall.

I want more bowl so that I can introduce more water to the silly cat whom never want to drink. I also want a new litter scoop with stand holder to make my toilet a little bit cleaner.

The litter scoop with holder

I was shocked while unboxing this thing. The size is hugh, and the stand weight. It weights far exceed my expectation. I believe it won’t fall easily. Nice design, with heart. Love this.

Pidan litter scoop with holder

The cat bowl

The material of the bowl is plastic, but thick. Really thick. So it is just not a cheap plastic bowl. Like the design. Never test with the silly cat yet. Hope the cat want to use it.

Pidan cat bowl

Update Jan 4 2018

The cat bowl is good looking, but then, the bowl is not firmly attached and will drop from the holder fairly easy. Cannot recommend this bowl. The bowl dropped off from the holder couples time already and then water everywhere.

About the litter scoop, the size is a little too hugh, a bit hard to operate especially on small litter box. My litter box is fairly large but still I found it hard to operate. The stand is great though.

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