Philips HUE

March 23, 2017

This is my story.

Four years ago, during the home decoration, guess I picked the wrong lighting for the living room and dining room. The light of the light bulb directly beam to my eyes and keep me headache. I need to switch to warmer light bulb to avoid the headache being happened. But this keep my home darker. And also the light bulbs keep dying and keep me busy replacing them. However, I was really lazy shopping for new lamp. Secondly, replacing new lamp is very expensive (both the lamp and labour cost).

These were not the actual reason I switch to HUE light bulbs though. My first idea for me getting HUE is to bring some fun for my daughter to play around the color of the light bulbs. But then, I realized that I no longer have any headache after switched to HUE. Because I can control EVERYTHING about the lighting. I can tune the brightness and suitable color to fit my eyes, without having my room being too dark.

Another great thing of HUE is its homekit compatibility. The automation works just fine. Have lights turn on and off at specific time. I no longer need to worry having lights on over night. Also I can make it a night lamp for my daughter’s room so that she won’t afraid being alone but at the same time I don’t need to buy another night lamp for this. It is not about the money, it is about I don’t need extra space to fit another night lamp. The HUE light bulb do just fine.

I’ve six HUE color light bulbs at my apartment now. Works great. All purchased from apple online store. I also purchased the tap switch to operate the lighting without iOS. But after I purchased the EVE motion, we barely need manual operation. The light bulb just know when to turn on and off itself with just a few automation rule.

Until recently I got my daughter a new Korea made kid’s Bunk Bed (iloom) and I found that HUE go and lightstrip is perfect for this bed.

HUE go is great for use inside the tent. And the HUE lightstrip is just great for use under the bed for kid’s toying and reading activities.

Pairing with EVE motion so that the lightstrip can turn on itself whenever she is around.

I also relocate the Sony’s LSPX-P1 under the bed so that she can watch apple tv (mostly youtube). This made it a new and great mutli-purpose area that she always dreaming about.

HUE lighting and EVE motion is a great solution for us all.

Off-topic. The iloom Bunk Bed is quite expensive for me. But we found it really worth it. It is cute, and size just fit. The design and quality is superb. If you can afford a full set (I mean it’s optional accessories) then it will made your kid a great bedroom. Don’t forget the bunny sofa, it is so freaking cute.

My daughter wanted a bunk bed for ages and now I get her one of the best I can get in town.

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