Philips HTB5520

Philips Bluray 5.1 3D HTB5520

January 25, 2016

Some history first. My first Bluray player was Philips brand. Forgot the model. When my daughter at 3 she can operate that thing herself. Like power up the player, eject the tray, insert disc, close the tray and have the video play.

After 2 or 3 years, the tray no longer open. So I replaced it with a Panasonic sc-btt405. It sucks. Sound not good, frequency hang and need power cycle, my daughter cannot operate it herself, blah blah blah.

So last week I replaced it with a Philips HTB5520 again. It is great. The response time of the UI is improved. And the rear speaker is wireless and it received good. And the most important thing is, my daughter can operate it herself.

I was actually wanted to try Sony, but I read the comments on Amazon and people said it always hang, just like what my Panasonic SC-BTT405 did. So I gave up and return to Philips.

My requirement nowadays are getting lower and lower. I feel satisfy already as long as the machine don’t need power cycle… sigh…

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