Panasonic Passive 3D glasses TY-EP3D10WB

December 10, 2017

My Panasonic TV is 3D compatible and it comes with 4 3D glasses. The leg of those glasses were so easily broken by someone in my house within the first or second months after the TV arrived. None of them except me wears a glasses so they have no idea what is the proper way to take off a glasses without damage them. I can hardly enjoyed any super hero 3D movie since then.

I can hardly find the glasses is selling here. Neither local shop nor online shop.

5 years later, I finally found it is still selling on amazon japan. Thanks god. Ordered a pair of them and finally I can enjoy my 3D collection again. Thanks to DHL for delivering my glasses overseas without damage it.

The TV just reached its 5-years warranty period. So I only ordered a pair of them and hopefully they can last until my new TV arrive later at 2018.

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