Panasonic IP-Cam BL-VP104WU

October 18, 2014


Need two ip-cam to monitor my daughter alone with the maid.

Panasonic always my first choice.

I was actually want to get BL-VP104U which is a wired one because there are already lan port everywhere in my apartment. And I also consider wired cam has better security than wireless device.

However I couldn’t find such model at that moment so I’m getting the BL-VP104WU instead. It is a dual model which support both wired and wireless (802.11n). A bit pricey for me.

I did not bother setup the wireless coz both my wireless routers are super hard to get connected, the camera simply can’t support it (need both digital certificate as well as username/password verification with LDAP server).


  • The picture quality is way better than the old model that I have (BL-C1), it looks like HD on devices having small screen
  • The web interface are ok
  • Works fine with Synology Surveillance Stations
  • Works fine with the IP Cam Viewer on my Nexus 5
  • The size of the camera is a lot smaller than BL-C1. Like a mini version of BL-C1
  • Stable, very stable, even 24/7.

Something bad

  • Missing infra-red support means no night vision
  • The packaging is a lot worst than BL-C1… like OEM… not a big deal but..

    Packaging #1

    Packaging #1

    Packaging #2

    Packaging #2

Works as expected.

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