Panasonic Bluray SC-BTT405

September 17, 2015

The tray of the philips Bluray player no longer open. So I replace it with Panasonic.

What I hate most on philips player is that the responsiveless of the machine. A significant delay for every command issued through the remote control. And some mis-behavior is also quite annoying. And it need a couple power cycle every month.

The response time of SC-BTT405 is way better. But the function of SC-BTT405 is not as good as philips. It missing DLNA. It is not useful for me because my Panasonic 3D TV already support DLNA. Another bad thing of SC-BTT405 is the remote control. The ‘home’ button of the remote control is too close to the navigation panel and always make myself homed while I actually want to press the ‘UP’ button. It is annoying.

The human voice is hard to hear and I need to set the volume to very high in order to hear the human voice. But then the sound effect is A LOT louder as well. Maybe need some tuning, not sure. Just day 1 using this thing.


Not good. SC-BTT405 need a lot more power cycle to restore the machine from hanging stage. It hang a lot. Not really stable

Also it is not as smart as philips one. My 4.5 yrs old daughter and maid have problem controlling it. But they don’t have problem operating philips player.

SC-BTT405 disappointed my family. I’ve lots of Panasonic product (3D TV, toilet cleaner, 4 IP Cams, Humidity Control Machine) and this is the first Panasonic product that disappointed us. I’m Panasonic fan. I am personally ok with SC-BTT405, I do not have high expectation on these cheap model. But my family member is complaining. I personally prefer philips UI. I don’t like SC-BTT405 UI. Even though it response better.

Maybe I’ll return to philips player or try sony next time.

If my family keep having problem with it I may need to buy another one.

Luckily I am buying a cheaper model (2200HKD) so the lost is not that hurt because I’m waiting my Panasonic 3D TV to die and then I’ll switch to 4K TV and 4K Blu-ray player at the same time. So I will keep using the cheapest bluray player until my TV die.

Personally not recommend SC-BTT405.
– Hang quite frequently
– UI not good, and ugly
– Lack DLNA support, cannot read media from my NAS

Comparison with my old Philips Bluray player (forgot the model, figure it out later).

– SC-BTT405 response is better. Philips have significant delay response to action.
– SC-BTT405 hardware is more solid. Philips hardware can be broke pretty easy. The philips wireless adapter broken while installation.
– Philips UI is better, and it support DLNA.
– Philips do not requires as much power cycle as SC-BTT405.
– Philips seems more suitable for non-technie like kid and peopele who cannot actually operate any electronic. My family member have problem operating SC-BTT405.
– SC-BTT405 integrates better with my Panasonic TV, of course, they are the same brand. Remote control can share between the BD player and the TV.
– Philips read all of my disc. Occasionally SC-BTT405 cannot read some of my 3D BD disc.

Update 2015-10-27

– Not good. Keep hanging. Keep me power-cycle.
– The maid never able to operate this. She have no problem with Philips player however.

I decided to throw this thing to recycle bin and buy another Philips blu-ray 3D player.

Strongly NOT recommended.

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