Hue Motion


Recommended. HUE motion is a tiny sensor which detects motion, read temperature and the light source. Working very well with homekit. Very easy setup. It is cheap, a lot cheaper than EVE motion. Recommended.

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Panasonic Passive 3D glasses TY-EP3D10WB


Finally found that still selling this! Finally can enjoy my super hero 3D bluray collection.

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Belkin Apple Pencil Case + Stand


Recommended. Solid build and well designed. It is useful to carry your apple pencil together with their tiny parts.

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Pidan Litter Scoop with holder and cat bowl


I love Pidan’s product. So well design. And it is actually useful. Recently I decided to throw away all existing cat’s stuff and replace with something else. Pidan’s litter scoop and the bowl were one of the replacement I picked. My cat just loved the bowl. Both product have some cons though.

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Belkin Cabinet Mount

Belkin Cabinet Stand with iPad mini 2     

Belkin cabinet mount is a working product which able to mount your ipad well. Even with some cons with it but it is still a useful product after all. It is very easy broken though.

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TrackR Pixel


This is a tiny device attached to everything to help you look up your stuffs easily, especially in a rush situation. The device can also ring your phone as well. And your phone can of course ring the device within bluetooth range. This is particular useful for ppl like me who always in a rush leaving but never able to look up stuffs fast enough to avoid being late. LOL.

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Back to 日麻 again


重回日麻. 第一次玩天鳳的經驗.

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TP-LINK TL-PA4010 Kit [ HomePlug | Powerline ] 500mbps

TP-Link TL-PA4010 Kit - The box     

Recommended. Just working as it should. Operated like half year and never crashed. Consider this device is stable.

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EVE Energy Switch


The location of one of my TPLINK HS110 never able to detect my WiFi. So I can’t switch it on and off. So I purchased EVE Energy Switch instead as it does not requires Wi-Fi. It is homekit compatible so I guess it is using bluetooth. It receive well. Pros Receive well in place where […]

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Philips HUE


Recommended. Automating the lighting always the first step of any home automation project. HUE is probably one of the best choice. It is pricey, though.

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