Nokia Smart Temporal Thermometer

January 11, 2018

Bought this from apple store.

School requires kid perform daily temp scanning from home, was using Braun Thermo Scan for seven years and it was fine. But I’m not really like the idea scanning from ear as it is somehow hard to get the position right to get the right reading within the ear. Also I’m afraid it will push the dirt way deeper after every scan. Was always looking for alternative like scanning from forehead but most of them were made from China and Taiwan and I’ve no confident with those device.

Finally I found Nokia have one, so bought it immediately and have it delivered to me next day.

It was expensive, but yet, worth the price.

1. Firstly, scanning from forehead is way more easy and quicker.
2. The reading is very close to Braun.
3. Initial setup took some time though.
4. Every reading can assign to different registered person.
5. Reading will sync to iOS/Android app.
6. All devices will be informed by push notification for every reading. So the maid performed a scanning for your kids, you will be notified immediately in the office.
7. No contact needed to perform a scanning. Keep the scanner clean.

Nice little smart Thermometer.

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