Nexus 5X vs iPhone 6s

Nexus 5X vs iPhone 6s

February 24, 2016

Here is just my own experience and is for my only reference as further phone purchase. Not gonna start any war of discussion. It is biased and personal. This is just blog for myself reference only.

  Nexus 5x iPhone 6s
Operation Speed Laggy Smooth
Customization Highly customizable Poor, no customization at all
Fingerprint Great position, scanning finger on back. Quick and Accurate. Poor position, easily falling down when scanning thumb. Easily failed and need second scan. Not as accurate as Nexus 5X.
Size Little bit big Just fit
Hardware build quality Very poor Great and stable
Camera Laggy, slow. Photo quality is good at night Instant, smooth. But photo quality suck at night
UI Great Fair, simple thing on Android need a lot more clicks on IOS
Multitasking Great Suck, doesn’t feel like it is really multitasking

Too many problems with iPhone for me. Looks like the only factor of iPhone benefit me is ‘Smooth and stable’. Anything else, Android is way better. iPhone is still my backup phone right now.

Jul 9 2017

17 months after this article was published, iPhone is now my main phone. I don’t know why. I was sick with the 5X, so I want to try Pixel, but it never selling here. I am no interested to Samsung/LG/Sony. Phone from China? No thanks. Google leave me no choice. Will stick to Apple now.

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