Nexus 5X – DO NOT BUY

November 13, 2015

Got my Nexus 5X and have it rooted. Spent couple hours to customize it like what I usually did with all of my android phone. Without root, ADS were extremely annoying have them floating everywhere.

Some photo first.

I was excited finally got my new phone but once opened box, the first feeling of 5X is like “WTF how come google delivered a samsung device to me?!”. The look of the device is way too similar to my old mid-range samsung devices… what the hell.

Hugh disappointment. Size is poor, and looks ugly. Screen looks yellow. What I enjoy with my Nexus 5 were not found on Nexus 5X.

I feel not much different between Android 5 and 6. I’m using the same Go launcher anyway. Also it lagged like hell when I’m adding couple google account to the phone.

It is not totally bad though. The fingerprint device works nicely. Even though the screen looks yellow, but it still looks sharp to me. Camera is shooting fast.

Nexus 5X, Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P are all large devices. If that is the trend of all Nexus devices I’m afraid 5X is the last Android device for me.

Update Dec 1

After a few days of usage, the Nexus 5X no longer power on. Shame.

Not sure why it won’t power on. I did root my 5X since day 1 I received the phone. And the phone working fine for couple days. Don’t think it is the root cause that lead to machine won’t power up.

It is not completely not power up. If is about 90% of time won’t power up. The rest of 10% time it can power up, but keep rebooting itself forever.

Luckily under my hard working I managed to flash the factory image back to phone.

After restored to factory image the phone still having the same problem. 90% of time it won’t response to the power button.

Returned to google for a week and still waiting for refund.

Update Dec 14

Finally got my refund from Google. Need like a full month. I waited three weeks and still not receiving my refund so I called their CS. And they started follow up and then got my refund a week later. I doubt if I don’t give a call my phone may stayed in their factory forever.

It is a full refund.

Update Dec 15
After received my refund, I want a new 5X again. I want to buy from local shop because I can exchange if the 5X die again within a week. I consulted couple chain-stores here and I give up and place my order from google store online again -_-;

My Question is simply like that: what is their policy if I buy 5X from them and it cannot power on after 1 week

Case 1.. They said they need to return the phone to proxy to perform a check. So it is not an immediately exchange. They will exchange if proved no human issue that lead to the issue. Return to proxy, then check, then give a result could take a month. No way. (i.e. Fortress)

Case 2 Requires you to power on the phone, and show them the IMEI from the phone in order for an immediately exchange. That’s suck. What if the phone won’t power on? No way. (i.e. Broadway)

I experienced TWO OUT OF SIX android devices (it is 33%!!) won’t power on within one week of purchased (nexus S [died after second date of purchase], nexus 4 [still working], Samsung S4 mini [stolen], Samsung 9190 [still working, but constantly reboot itself], nexus 5 [keep rebooting after boot], nexus 5x [died after couple date of purchase]). So immediately exchange or refund with no question ask policy is VERY IMPORTANT for purchasing Android phone. It looks like google store give the best refund policy for consumer. So I decided to buy from google store directly again.

This time my order have additional HKD 80 charge as delivery fee. Probably it is the delivery fee for returning my 5X a month ago.

So if I don’t buy from them again, I don’t even need to pay for returning delivery fee.

Good policy.

Update Dec 16

Received phone call from Google and said the phone will deliver to my home today. Hell it IS extremely fast. Not gonna rooting it this time. Probably will wait for one or two months. Make sure the phone is stable and the root is stable before applying to my new 5X…

Update Dec 20

I unlocked bootloader immediately after I received the phone. But not root yet. Phone is stable till now. I also purchased the Adopted case from Google store this time and it make the phone looks and holding in the hand much better.

I’m getting used to this two handed phone. But please don’t make it any more larger for future generation of the phone, please.

Still trying to live without rooting the phone.

Thinking what to purchased as a backup phone. My Nexus 4 is really way too old.

Finger print is too great. Can’t get back to a phone without finger print now.

Think I’m happy with 5X now. Time helps.

By the way, Google is extending the refund period, devices can be returned until January 22, 2016 if purchased within Nov 27 to Dec 25. Maybe the returns rate is too high? God knows. At least they want you got a use-able phone from them.

Update Jan 25 2016

Used like a month. It is so far stable. No longer reboot itself. After one RMA I finally got a use-able one. Planning to root it later tonight.

Update 14 Feb 2016

What the hell. The Nexus 5X no longer power on again. LOL. I didn’t even root it. Got two of these devices, one died within 7 days, another one died within 2 months.

I was extremely disappointed to Google, and LG for keep shipping me shit.

I endup head to Apple store and got myself two iphone 6s. One for me and one for my little daughter.

Good bye Android. I am too tired setting up new phone every month over and over again.

Extremely Angry with Nexus 5X.

Update 24 Feb 2016

Guess what. The malfunction Nexus5X working again one week after I switched to iPhone6s. WTF?!

From my painful Android experience that must be hardware issue. God know when it will sleep and refuse to power on again?

Better stick with my iphone6s.

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