Nexus 5

My Nexus 4 is not, that well.

Better get a new one before it died.

The purchase of Nexus 5 is pretty good.

  1. Thursday morning 9am, go to, click buy, input credit card, done.
  2. Friday 9:30am, the phone delivered to my home 😀

Incredible?! I can’t believe that the toy can delivered to me so fast. Only 24 hour.


The 5 is as good as my 4. Love it. Though the battery still suck.

  • UI is very very smooth.
  • The phone is very very cheap but delivered tons of features including LTE.

LTE is too fast. Lucky I got 20GB quota and it is free. My company paid it.

I though Nexus 4 is a bit too large for me, but Nexus 5 still a bit larger. Need time get used to it.

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