My second 4DPI-35 from RS

August 13, 2015


Just got my second 4DPI-35. Ordered from RS-online. This is my third TFT from 4D systems. All ordered from RS. All in great quality. Again, don’t bother order from Taobao, they will just ship you a malfunction item.

Installation is too simple, just download the deb file, use dpkg to install it. That’s all.

Here is the installation procedures for Raspberry Pi 2b.

$ sudo su
# cd
# wget
# dpkg -i ./kernel4dpi_1.3-3_pi2.deb
# reboot

After reboot, login again.

Update 2016-03-13

I pick up the development again with the screen, and the above no longer works… I go back to the installation as described in the official datasheet.

*** Important! Backup your SDCard first using Win32DiskImager.


$ sudo su

# cd
# wget
# tar -xzvf 4dpi-3x_4-1-10_v1.0.tar.gz -C /
# reboot

Edit /boot/cmdline.txt, add following to the end of the line


This will rotate the screen 180 degree.

Edit /etc/rc.local, comment the line below to avoid boot to X window.

FRAMEBUFFER=/dev/fb1 startx &

The datasheet have all the essential information about the tidy screen you may need to known.

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