IRIS 2-Tier Cat Cage 812, Yellow

January 4, 2018

I hate cat cage. Most affordable cat cage are all iron wire cage, it is ugly, ugly, and ugly. I never want to spend on an ugly thing but shit it is essential for raising a cat. I DIY one with some spared stuffs and made it super large, 2-Tier, with tunnel to the cat house. The stray cat loved it and never want to get out the cage and he feel more safe and comfortable. It is however, ugly, huge and dirty and need a lot cleaning.

I end up decomposed it and purchased a very cheap 3 feet iron cage from taobao. Man it really is ugly to have a big iron box cage in your apartment. It is one tier. Just don’t want to spent too much on a cat cage. I have it retired after five months, I really want to say goodbye to it because it really ugly.

I wanted an IRIS cat cage for ages but hey it is definitely way over-priced. But really, I think it is the least worst looking cat cage I can found.

The design of the cage is really good. With both door on each “floor”. Very easy to install and uninstall. Won’t take much storage space. There are wheel in the bottom so the cage can be relocate fairly easy. That scared the cat though 😉 What the heck happened? Why my house is moving???

I never feel dirty with the cage. Quite easy to clean. And the cat loved it. The cat can use it immediately after installation.

The size just fit. 3-Tier is best for cat but I really don’t want a giant cage in my already small department. I can even put the giant litter box inside this cage because it is 2-Tier. Cat usually want to stay on upper floor to see more.

Guess this cage can house two cat.

We loved this, our home looks much better now. No complaint.


You might noticed the DIY on the lower floor. Yes it is a cat door. Any cage is useless for me if I can’t install the cat door. Why? I need to avoid the cat getting out once it get in. So I can make sure the cat is clean before it can be release manually, just in case it shitted in the litter box. Cat will never clean their own butt anyway. So the cat door is set to allow getting in, but not getting out. Not intended to make the cage a prison, just want to avoid the cat fooling around with a dirty butt.

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