Hue Motion

December 20, 2017

I never know that hue have a motion sensor until I read some forum discussion. As one of the EVE motion sensor constantly need manual power cycle to keep it working, I want to replace it. The whole idea of purchasing these homekit stuffs is automation. There is no reason to keep removing battery and put it back on in order to keep the sensor working. I decided to give hue motion a try.

Sadly, I can’t find HUE motion is selling on apple store nor hktvmall, where I used to shop gadget online. I hate go to computer mall as it is too big and I usually overlook things anyway.

Luckily, I found that HUE motion is of course selling on Amazon us store. And it can ship to here. I ordered two immediately and picked the global priority to have them shipped asap.

The size of HUE motion is surprisingly tiny. Way smaller than EVE motion. It is super easy to setup. And what actually surprised me is that it even included temperature reading!! I didn’t actually study about HUE motion or otherwise I wouldn’t purchased the EVE degree from apple store at the same time 🙁

Both HUE motion working very fine. The respond time is much better than EVE motion. There is some delay for EVE motion to trigger lights when motion detected. But HUE motion don’t, it trigger HUE lights immediately.

The temperature sensor from HUE motion is working well too. I can setup a rule to turn on the fan when 1. motion detected and 2. temperature is higher than 24 degree. The apple home app do not provides option to set temperature as a rule, but the EVE app does.

Both HUE motion are in good shaped and none of them requires manual power cycle to keep it working.

Couldn’t live without those sensor now. Never needed to turn on/off lights manually for ages.

Spent quite some times to reset most automation rules however T_T

Update Jan 4 2018

Just ordered three more from amazon to completely replace EVE motion and have all the hue lights in all room turn on automatically.

I’m throwing the EVE motion to the rubbish bin. It have major flaw and just not working.

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