HUE Dimmer Switch

January 14, 2018

HUE Dimmer is a physical switch for your Philips HUE lighting.

What? A physical switch for smart lights?? Why bother smart lighting in the first place if physical switch is needed?

Admit that HUE lights can be controlled by mobile devices, but the physical switch is still needed to the situation below

  • When your mobile devices is not actually around. It would be way faster to use the physical switch located in fixed location rather than hunt for your iphone in order to turn on/off the lights. I always have problem lookup my iphone anyway.
  • Even though I’ve setup 20 automation rules with homekit to control all the HUE lighting, but it just can’t cover EVERY scenario in real life. There are still cases that automation cannot handle.
  • A guest will usually looks for a physical switch instead of asking you grant them guest access to their icloud account. Why bother?? If a guess turn off your light with the traditional switch, your SMART lights no longer responding and became a dumb expensive devices.

I end up purchased 10 dimmer switch in order to replace every single traditional switch. It is a total replacement. It is expensive, but once you invested, you just hate someone breaking your SMART system.

If you are using HUE official app to configure the dimmer, each dimmer is required to attached to a specific ROOM. You cannot attached the dimmer to specific bulb.

Regarding the dimmer itself, it have four buttons. The ON/OFF button and two brightness adjustment buttons. The ON button is unique and it can attach four different scene to it. For each single press to can trigger an assigned scene. Up to four press can assigned to the ON button.

It is good enough to replace the dumb traditional on/off switch.

Philips also allow other application to configure the dimmer switch. That mean it can trigger other custom scene created by other app. I tried using iOS Home app, I can use the dimmer to control a specific HUE lightstrip. But I failed to make the dimmer works with HUE go and EVE energy switch. Need some more time troubleshooting things.

I also own a HUE tap. I don’t actually like it as the buttons is quite hard to trigger. And also each buttons were assigned by a number of dot, which is somehow hard to memorize which scene was attached to which button. And the tap is way more expensive than dimmer. And the good thing is, the dimmer can detach from the base and act as a remote! I will prefer using dimmer rather than tap to replace traditional switch.

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