Hostgator ‘hacked’ my wordpress -_-;

September 18, 2016

Not sure what happened, but, received an email from Hostgator and said my wordpress version on nas.deadcode.net gone outdated. And because of that, they decided to upgrade the wordpress for me.


I don’t need you do that for me and I can do that myself if I wish.

I was busy with real life stuffs, though. It was my fault that I didn’t paid much attention on that email. And of course, end up my wordpress was overwritten by their latest version.

I lost my theme. Lost all uploaded images and files. The theme I used was customized by myself. F. Are you nut? Does Hostgator a china company???

They backup for me. I give you credit for this. But I do have backup myself as well. But still, why they decided to act this and need me some hours to restore things?

Hostgator’s action is no different than a hacker. They both hacked my site and need me fix things.

Why do company’s getting so rude these day?

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