[PS4] Grand Theft Auto V

December 6, 2014


HMMMM… Got this two weeks ago… really wanna play it but……. I’m run out of time… SHIT

Update 2015-01-01

Finally I’m playing this a bit… hate the control, watchdog is way better for controlling the character… never able to get character running…. how come they don’t have the run action… are you kidding me…

Update 2015-02-24

Finally found how to run, keep pressing ‘x’ to run….

Game is good, just the control shit. I find my character dying very fast, I know I playing shit. I skipped a lot… skill requirement is way higher than watchdog. I’m at 33% progress right now. So far so good. Did not play online yet… want to finished story mode first, really need to get sometime master this before go online…

Update 2015-01-20

Finally got time finished the story mode. I chosen not to kill Michael nor Trevor. So it was a happy ending. I still don’t know how to run…. silly me. Still gonna spend lots of time on it because I have 20000000 on each character now… Time to have some fun.

Great game anyway.

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