Final Fantasy XV series

February 6, 2017

God damn FF XV is the best FF series I’ve ever played. The battle system is what I’ve been expecting for ages. The graphics as well. People were blaming Square and said it really is not a completed product. Well, maybe. But I still found it great and very enjoyable. I’ve completed everything, including those hidden maze, used around 200 hours. I can completed it shorter, but I really enjoying and so I am not willing to completing it so quickly. I like the maze with 100 floors. It is crazy, but I just enjoy killing like hell. Another maze which need you jumping all around is also enjoyable. I’m going to start all over (second round) very soon. Remember Type-0 also have a so called 100 floors maze, but the truth is, it is just a ‘maze’ with five floor.

I don’t understand why people complaining the lacks of female characters. The game is about Brotherhood thing. Why bother so much with female characters? I can feel that those female characters were added quite lately to the game in response to those comments/request. I just don’t think it really is necessary. I just enjoy the gameplay, the battle system, and the true open world mode. The side quests are not as rich, but it really takes time to complete. Those maze are really well designed.

I have purchased the bluray of Kingsglaive. It is the best CG film as well. It detailing the background of the game, and the fight is very nice. Really can’t figure out anything bad.

Also purchased the season pass. Took forever to deliver. Can’t wait for more.

I’ve been missing so many previous title of FF series and I’m finally able back to FF and FFXV is the first game since I returning. The last FF title I played was FFXI, the older MMORPG. I missed X-2, XII, XIII and XIV. Heard XII is remaking for PS4. I’m not sure. I just can’t go back to the old turn based battle system anymore. And the characters does not really attracting me. XIII should be better. I’ll expecting XIII on PS4. Not gonna try MMORPG anymore, it is too addicting for me. Once I started, I just can’t stop.

Can’t describe how much I enjoyed the whole FFXV series.

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