Elgato EVE motion

February 14, 2017


  • Works as it should
  • Homekit compatible
  • Use bluetooth, no hub required
  • Eve app is fine
  • Can adjust level of sensitive to avoid rules triggered by pet
  • Deflective rate for my case is 50%. 1 out of 2 devices is deflective and need power cycling constantly.
  • Delay when triggering HUE lights for motion detection rule.
  • Keep being reported as no response in the IOS Home app

  • Updated Jan 4 2018 Deflective rate is now 100%. Both EVE motion I got need constant manual power cycle to keep things works.

  • I purchased this to detect motion in the living room and have it turn on HUE lights automatically.

    And this one works because it is homekit compatible.

    This one works. And works well, somehow.

    The EVE app can read homekit’s data so I can see all my HUE bulbs within EVE app. The app is quite well design, straightforward to use. Easy setup. And works.

    Some reviews on apple store for this thing were negative and said it just won’t trigger HUE lights. Mine does.


    Hmm. Just turn it on. Then download the app. Setup in the app. That’s it. Couldn’t simpler.

    Homekit compatible

    Works well with HUE light bulb.


    Update Mar 10 2017

    This is a real battery eater. When it started not working, I know it is time for battery replacement. I’ll buy a new one if it have AC version. Update Dec 10 2017 It was the fact the device constantly need power cycle, not actually need to replace battery.

    Update Mar 17 2017

    I purchased another EVE Motion for use in my daughter’s room to turn on and off the HUE lightstrip whenever she get in and out of her playaround. Works great.

    Update Mar 23 2017

    A new family member joining us on Saturday. I don’t want Eve detects the cat movement at all. From blog.elgato.com, they said lowering the sensitive might help. I’ll update here later and see if the kitten able to turn on the lights itself at midnight. If the kitten keep having the lights on, I might need to add another rule to turn off the lights for inactivity during midnight. Come back later for result if you care.

    Update Aug 17 2017

    Confirmed that kitten wouldn’t be able to trigger eve motion by lowering the sensitive setting.

    Dec 10, 2017

    I’ve got two of this, the first one at dinning room and the second one at my daughter’s room.

    The one at dinning room always reported as ‘no response’ in Home app. Another one at my daughter’s room have no such issue. So I suppose the one at dinning room is deflective. 1 out of 2 is deflective. So the deflective rate of eve motion device is 50%. Can’t recommend this device.

    Another thing of eve motion is that it have certain delay triggering HUE’s light when motion detected.

    Furthermore, automation for motion detection works ok, but automation for no motion detection is not. I want the eve motion to turn off lights only when no person in the room. But then, in case I lay on the bed and reading book without much motion generated, the no motion rule triggered and have me blind.

    I did some research and think it might be the limitation of homekit, not necessary the issue of eve motion. This is not an occupancy sensor after all.

    I purchased two HUE motion sensor from amazon and waiting for delivery in order to replace eve motion devices. Tired of manually power cycling them to keep it working. Both eve motion devices were purchased from apple store.

    Update Jan 4 2018

    I ordered three more HUE motion sensor from amazon today. Goodbye EVE motion. It sucks.

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