Belkin Cabinet Stand with iPad mini 2

Belkin Cabinet Mount

December 1, 2017

I have quite a few EVE’s smart devices and lots of Philips HUE lighting. I always want a single device act as controller and is always on so that everyone in the home, including guest, can control the smart devices.

I happened to remember I’ve a legacy ipad mini 2 which no longer used and alone in the dark. I decided to make it the controller and have it always on and running only the Apple’s Home application.

I purchased the Belkin Cabinet Mount so that I can locate the ipad mini 2 above the TV so that everyone aware of the existence of the device.

The build of the stand is pretty good, and the installation can be done for any no brainer.

Some unboxing photo.

I am happy for it so far, as long as it don’t drop and damage my ipad mini.

I am getting another one for kitchen.

Gonna get a lots more homekit devices for fun.

Some cons though

1. It don’t actually mount very well. Becareful if you have a cat around.

2. It can’t adjust anything, not the angel of the device. You always have to stand in front of the stand to use the device.

Update Jan 14 2018

I’ve purchased three, and have one broken already (just 1.5 months). Very easy broken even under normal usage, poor build. Not recommended.

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