Belkin Apple Pencil Case + Stand

Always have problem carrying Apple Pencil with me. It have so many tiny part which is so freaking easy dropped somewhere and it is super hard to find.

I happened to saw Belkin Apple Stand is selling on Apple Store. It is a good idea to have a stand, but not really essential. So I started looking for a case instead. I finally headed to amazon and found that Belkin actually have a case available (but not selling on Apple Store locally) which is affordable, and most importantly, it can ship to here.

The build of the case is good, and is well-designed. The cover of the case is attached to the case with magnetic. And there is a small hidden area within the case to store the tiny parts. The case itself is also a stand.

What wondered me is that on the amazon page it said to be delivered by Dec 15. But I suddenly received today, on Dec 6. It is super fast. Even faster than purchased from taobao. Wonderful.

Purchase experience with amazon is always that nice.

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