Assassins Creed – Unity

December 6, 2014

My second AC series game on PS4. Graphic is way better. And finally can get inside those building!

In previous series, I climbed all over those building but none of them can get inside.

This is a big improvement. Don’t have much time yet, only about 12% progress for two weeks. Most of the time I’m using PSV for remote play. My TV no longer mine -_-;

Got LOTS of BUGS. Still a good game though. More need time playing till I can comment more. Later.

Update 2014-12-14

I’m now at sequence 10… and a 5 stars character… had all available missions done… control of the game is good, killing solider still enjoyable, bugs like hell, need restarting the game per hour, sometime even hanged my PS4. I am feeling the missions are pretty much the same, I think I like black flag more. Maybe the last AC game for me… doesn’t mean the game is bad, but I think I have enough. I like Paris by the way. Good job.

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