Apple TV 4th Gen

February 4, 2017

I got an Apple TV 4th gen for free from a bank recently.

The reason I want an Apple TV is the airplay function for my daughter to cast the ipad screen to the Big TV. But now she can use the great Apple TV remote to browse her youtube cartoon directly without using an ipad anymore. Another reason to get the Apple TV is to have it act as the homekit hub.

And later, I fall in love with the Apple TV myself with the Netflix app. I was watching netflix on the TV through PS4. But now I can use Apple TV instead. Also the DS video and DS photo app allow me to browse video and photo stored on my NAS without using the native app of the TV. So the Apple TV consolidate everything for me. Just an Apple TV remote I can watch everything.

Oh and it works well with my Sony LSPX1 short distance projector as well. Lovely.

The only thing suck is that Siri is disabled for my location. That’s really suck. suck.

Update 2017-02-05

I had ripped my Bluray/DVD movie collections to mkv using makemkv. AppleTV do not play mkv video. Ahhhh. Workable solution:

  1. Play the video on macbook iTunes and cast to AppleTV through AirPlay
  2. Hard burn the subtitle of all mkv using MKVTools for MAC. Then use HandBrake to convert the mkv (with hard burn subtitle) to m4v. Use DS Video to play the m4v.

    The H264 2-pass of MKVTools can took half day for one movie… but the quality is better.. This gonna took couple months to convert my whole movie collections…

  3. Use VLC for tvOS to play mkv directly.

I’ll just use VLC, the font of the subtitle is a lot better than the hard burn one by MKVTools, and of course, I don’t need to do the conversion for couple months…

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