Air Pods


February 12, 2017

Air Pods

Air Pods

Wow, it took a month here to get a pair of this from Apple Online Store.

This really is what a bluetooth headset should be. I love this.


1. Very Handy to bring along everywhere.
2. Can function if you only wear any of them.
3. Great to use together with siri. I speak Open Light and it turn on the lights for me without having my iphone with me. Finally some iron man feel.
4. Extremely easy to pair and use. Unlike other Bluetooth headset I got, there is no menu I need to read and no button to memorize.


1. Apple’s stuffs used to be slippy. I have it dropped to the floor from my hand couples time already.
2. I always afraid someone will take away my airpods from me on the street and just run away. I know, no one actually doing that. But it is, just very easy to get that done. Better not using this on public and crowded place.
3. It really expensive for me. I know, I’m poor. But it really worth it.

I can’t comment on sound/media quality. I’m not very sensitive about that. People can heard me, I can hear the other side. Fine then. Music is better than average PC speaker, at least. I don’t have high expectation on this.

This thing is useful for homekit. To have everything being control with siri. However, most of my things were not homekit compatible. But I’ve REST API made available for many things. I’ll study some siri proxy and update here later.

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