My Wish List

Wish List     
  • Panasonic TYCC20W TV Camera
  • Slingbox HD
  • Nexus 6
  • Sleeping dog PS4 version

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My first Raspberry Pi, part of them…

Raspberry Pi Camera Module     

I made my order to my first Pi to rsonline… and now it shipped… only part of it, and the most important part, the pi board, is missing -_-; Why shipping me things that I cannot use alone?! My target with this board Home automation VOIP Server Voice and video box for my daughter to […]

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Anpanman rolling bath toy

Anpanman bathing toy     

This is fun! Great for kid never want to go to bath.

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Tunneling OpenVPN with HTTPS with Stunnel and Ubuntu

Things to do Install and configure Stunnel server on machine running openvpn server Install and configure Stunnel client on machine running openvpn client Just a few steps. Not that hard to make my OpenVPN traffic looks like https traffic. Assumption Assume OpenVPN server is using TCP port 1194. Assume OpenVPN server is using virtual subnet […]

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Load of new toys

Anpanman Waku Waku Crane Game     

Hm…. keep them coming dad! This doll purchased at Cavalia. $430. OKOK enough for this now, I’m getting tired taking all these photo… forget all about the rest.

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Cavalia show at Hong Kong

Cavalia perform at Hong Kong     

Just back from the show. A very enjoying show. All tricks, skills were expected but still very enjoyable. Great to spend a weekend with family. To show my respect to the performer, I did not really took any photo during the show. So that’s it. Go and watch, you shouldn’t disappointed.

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Love Linux – migrated from DS213+ to HP N54L

Can’t believe I managed to migrate below network services from DS213+ to a Ubuntu VM running under Ubuntu Server on HP N54L with just two nights. And I kept being interrupted by my kid. I did it. SSH OpenVPN OpenLDAP Freeradius 802.11x Wifi Authentication bind ntpd Google authenticator for SSHD My dream config without ESXi. […]

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Install VirtualBox with Ubuntu Desktop VM in bridge mode

My plan of purchasing HP N54L is having all services I deployed to ds213+ migrated to HP N54L. This allow my NAS become a centralized file server only. So I no longer need to worry my optware being corrupted by firmware update. You never know when will it break. And since I upgrade NAS every […]

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Ubuntu Network Setup

Setup nameserver $ sudo vim /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base Then put your nameserver list in like so: nameserver nameserver Then run $ sudo resolvconf -u Setup LAN Network Interface # sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address netmask network broadcast gateway Restart network # sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Final Fantasy Type-0 "HD" for PS4     

Hm… didn’t have much time yet, played like half an hour…. graphic suck… the worst graphic I got for my PS4 so far… Not really enjoy the game playing yet… doesn’t feel like I’ll enjoy it… but I’ll finish this anyway… as I was FF fan… before… And it is Chinese… need to support to […]

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Baikinmon Bad Teeth Seeking

Baikinmon Bad Teeth Seeking     

This one is scary but fun. My daughter scared like hell because the music is really scary. And you never know when will it bite you. Lol, cheap but really fun. Great for party!

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