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QNAP TS-451 OMG. I thought I am a Synology fanboy. But now I want a QNAP device. Just thought the ability of running VM is very important feature this allow me run a linux VM which mean no longer bother bootstrapping the nas box for extra functionality. Bootstrap limitation is that the repository is rarely […]

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Root Nexus 5 after upgrade to Android 5.0

I upgraded my Nexus 5 through OTA on the way to office. And I lost root on the road… I performed the procedures below and gain my root back during lunch. Quick and easy. Reminder: Procedures works with my device does not necessary works on yours. Rooting do have risk bricking thing. Take your own […]

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Panasonic IP-Cam BL-VP104WU

Need two ip-cam to monitor my daughter alone with the maid. Panasonic always my first choice. I was actually want to get BL-VP104U which is a wired one because there are already lan port everywhere in my apartment. And I also consider wired cam has better security than wireless device. However I couldn’t find such […]

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Panasonic Blue-Ray External Optical Drive UJ-240TEAL-U3

My daughter wish to watch her blue ray movie in sleeping room with my Dell PC. So I need a blueray drive for this purpose. Finally I picked panasonic external drive. It works just great. I can watch all Blue-Ray Disc (Not tested with 3D, don’t think my PC/Monitor can support that), rip my Blue-Ray […]

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Cisco SG90D-08 8-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch

Run out of LAN port. Need addition switch. Just got this one, plug and play. Works as expected. Been running for a month 24×7. Stable, never crash. Did not bother run the speed test thing, not really care, just need a stable device without regular reboot.

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Backup Nexus 5 without Custom Recovery

Prerequisites Install Android SDK to your PC/Mac. Launch SDK Manager, install both Android SDK Tools and Android SDK Platform-tools. Install USB Driver for your PC/Mac. My Nexus 5 Android OS is 4.4.4. Procedures might have some different with your version. Backup procedures Go into Settings, then scroll down to the bottom and click on About […]

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Setup PS Vita [PCH-2006] to PS4 remote play through 4G mobile tethering

Spent couple days on this, the information from Sony is totally wrong. Sony page only mentioned to do port forwarding on udp port 9304 but it is wrong, a few more ports are acutally required. Here find my working setting. Router Port Forwarding If your PS4 is behind a router, noted, I mean router, not […]

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PS Vita PCH-2006

Just bought one for the remote play. Recently we have a new maid to help on some housework. We have no room for her so she have to sleep in living room. I feel sorry for her, but this is Hong Kong. Not much family can afford a separate room for a maid. This however, […]

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PS4 – WATCH_DOG – not recommended

Needless to say, this is a great game. I just can’t stop playing. 1. Graphic is great, I feel like I’m living in the city. 2. Control is good. 3. Online activities invitation or even hacked by other player from time to time. 4. Game play is a bit easy. Side mission is a lot […]

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Root Nexus 5

Unlock boot loader If your phone already have this unlocked, skip this section. Install Android SDK and USB Driver Enable USB Debugging Mode. Goto Setting > System > About phone > Keep clicking the Build number until developer mode is unlocked. Go to Settings > Developer options, check the USB debugging. Before continue, make sure […]

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