My Wish List

Wish List     
  • Panasonic TYCC20W TV Camera
  • Slingbox HD
  • Nexus 6
  • Sleeping dog PS4 version

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WD Red 6TB WD60EFRX     

Got my second WD Red 6TB hard disk, model WD60EFRX-68MYMN1. I only ran a 3TB WD Red on my DS213+, the main file server of my home. And it is about to full. So add one more 6TB to expand the storage. Hope it can last for 5 five years at least. It cost me […]

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My PiCar Mark II

PiCar Mark II     

Mark I was having problem and can’t be fixed. One of the wheel just refused to works. It is not the motor issue, the motor issue itself is working, just refused to cooperate with others. LOL. I’ve replaced everything but just not working. So I would rather build a new car from scratch. And so […]

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New Raspberry Pi Enclosure

The New Raspberry Pi Case     

Finally got a copy of the new raspberry pi case. It looks good, and is a nice enclosure. It is not functional though. Not designed to have a TFT like 4DPI-32 or PiTFT, not designed to attach with its official camera modules, not designed with this and that. It is just designed to be an […]

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New toy – Lego Disney Princess #41053

Lego - Disney Princess #41053     

Every girl do have one of this I believe

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Push Switch Circuit

Push switch circuit     

I’ve added some code to my Pi RC Car such that I can turn off the car by pushing 5 seconds to the button. public class TurtleCarPi{ … public static void main(String[] args){ … GpioPinDigitalInput pin01 = gpio.provisionDigitalInputPin.GPIO_01, PinPullResistance.PULL_DOWN); … Date ts = null; long diff = (long) 0.0; while(!exit){ if(pin01.isHigh()){ if(ts == null) ts […]

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HC-SR04 circuit


Scripts from ModMyPi import RPi.GPIO as GPIO import time GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BCM) TRIG = 18 ECHO = 14 GPIO.setup(TRIG,GPIO.OUT) GPIO.setup(ECHO, GPIO.IN) GPIO.output(TRIG, False) time.sleep(2) GPIO.output(TRIG,True) time.sleep(0.00001) GPIO.output(TRIG,False) while GPIO.input(ECHO) == 0: pulse_start = time.time() while GPIO.input(ECHO) == 1: pulse_end = time.time() pulse_duration = pulse_end – pulse_start distance = pulse_distance * 17150 distance = round(distance , 2) print […]

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Reading temperature with DS18B20

ds18b20 circuit     

Connect the circuit. Must use Pin 7 (GPIO4). Other Pin wouldn’t works. Setup Raspberry Pi 2. Login as root. rpi-update vi /boot/config.txt Add following to the end of the file dtoverlay=w1-gpio vi /etc/modules Add following to the end of the file w1-gpio w1-therm reboot cd /sys/bus/w1/devices/ A directory something like 18-0000068c46ee should appear. If not, […]

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Turn on and off 4DPI-35 4DPI-32 with Python

Turn on PWM jumper for 4DPI-32     

When I’m developing the walkie-talkie app with my pi, I stupidly make the screen black and thought that can save the screen. Of course that was wrong. The proper way to really save the screen is turning off the backlight. I read the manual and finally figure out how to do that with python and […]

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My Pi communication app for kid

The pikid project     

My first pi project is finally done. With the help of pi it allow my daughter leave both snapshot and message to my android phone with just two touch on the screen. Here is the feature A push notification is sent to my phone for every new incoming message. A tailor made android app is […]

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More Pi , pleaseee

Pi, camera and the touch screen     

Think I still need a couple more of these nice little thing…

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